993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


Veloce GT1

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The Veloce GT1 Monobloc race wheels are exceptionally light at 31kg/68 lbs for the entire set! That’s around 7.5kg/17lbs per wheel.

They are manufactured by roll forging, the blank forged rim then has the rim FLOW FORMED for strength and then the spokes are machined into the blank wheel, it is then clear anodised for protection.

This method of manufacturing provides a very light super strong and durable wheel, which has a TUV test of 820 kilos.

The wheel accepts OE Porsche centre caps and is available in sizes
8.5×18 et 50
10×18 et 56


Recommended torque for lug nuts

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The correct tightness of the wheels nuts is 94 ft/lb ( 130 Nm ). Reinstall the nuts and handtightne them crosswise. This will insure that the nuts will center the wheel correctly.

Note that the normal convention is for the lock nut to be opposite the valve stem.

How to tell the difference between hollow spoke and solid spoke technology wheels

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The hollow spoke technology wheel has smooth spoke backs and came w/metal valve stems while the solid spoke technology wheels are ribbed in the back and came with rubber valve stems.

Here are the part numbers and weights of both wheel types.

Hollow Spoke “Technology” wheels:
993.362.136.00 – ET52 – 19.95 lb (front)
993.362.140.01 – ET65 – 23.36 lb (narrow body rear)
993.362.140.00 – ET40 – 25.13 lb (wide body rear)

Solid Spoke Turbolook wheels:
993.362.136.01 – ET52 – 25.57 lb (front)
993.362.140.04 – ET65 – 29.32 lb (narrow body rear)
993.362.140.03 – ET40 – 31.08 lb (wide body rear)

Online tire wheel simulator

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TireRack.com has an online wheel simulator which allows you to preview how different wheels and sizes will look on your car.


Wheel balancing

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Improper wheel balancing often leads to vibration at highway speeds. The best machine for wheel balencing is the Hunter GSP 9700. Find a shop which carries this machine if you want the best wheel balance.

The GSP9700 simulates a “road test”, with a unique “load roller” which applies up to 1400 lbs of force against the rotating assembly. The roller measures the loaded runout of the assembly (deflection while under load) and automatically recommends corrections when needed. The GSP9700’s technology eliminates many of the time consuming, subjective and often non-productive manual measurements previously used to diagnose and repair ride disturbance concerns.


Chroming hollow spoke turbo twists warning

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Beware of chromed hollow spoke turbo twist wheels!

The chroming process significantly degrades the strength of wheels. Most of the time, the wheels are still strong enough even after the chroming process.

However, for my set of hollow spoke wheels, this was not the case.

I noticed the problem when trying to balance the wheel. It could NOT balance. Upon further investigation, there were metal flakes coming out of the valve stem. Eventually, the wheel failed while I was driving. Fortuantely, I was not a a track event or driving along a mountain road.

Here is a link to all the pictures: Defective Chromed Wheels

Here’s a small picture of the piece of rim that “fell off”:


Can I fit 18″ wheels in my early model 993?

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In order to fit 18″ wheels 1994-95’s need a $40 part to strengthen the steering column.

Brace for steering rack is approx $40 at the porsche dealer. The part # is: 993-347-131-02

You’ll also need two screws. Part # for those are: 999-218-103-09

Takes 10 mins to install. Piece of cake!


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