993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993



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Note: Posted by David Edwards (dwe8922@yahoo.com)

A while back, I had a problem of my car not starting. It would turn over, and not fire. After much searching, I narrowed it down to the DME relay. I bought a new one, and kept it in the car until the problem arose. It did today, and after I popped in the new relay, it worked fine.
I mentioned this in tangent on a thread already, but its worth mentioning again. Porsched used a relay with a 944. part # prefix well into the 993 run, and later replaced that part with part # 993.615.227.00. The 944. relay was found to be faulty. My hometown dealer says they replace the 944. relay on all the cars they service as a precaution. At $15 from Hendrick Porsche, its cheap insurance.


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Make sure that you raise the seats _before_ you start working.. Makes access to the seat bolts much easier. I guess there is something to be said for avoiding late night car maintaince..
I was struggling to get the bolts in and then I looked over to the passenger side and thought, now why is there so much space on that side? *Light bulb went off over my head*


Oil change on a 993TT

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Save money and do your own oil changes!

( well, it’s a weak rationalization for a 100+K MSPR car, but every bit helps with the wife.. 🙂

Porsche 993TT Oil Change DIY

Oil cooler fanswitch install!

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I created a DIY to install an override to keep your fan on all the time to keep your oil temps lower.

Oil Cooler Fan Switch DIY


CDR220 upgrade

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You can use the CDR220 from the Boxter/996 in your 993.

In order to do so, you will need to update the face plate so you can see the display. It’s polarized for the boxter/996 and you will not be able to see it in the 993.

The cost is $50. Contact the part deptartment of Becker here:

While you are at their site, you can order an AUX IN cable and also the removal tools.


What are the different models?

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C4s/c2s/targa/tt, etc.

PUll info from Fraire’s book

How to fix bulbs in the 3rd brake light

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Here are the parts that I believe should be in the 993 toolkit.
I had the misfortune of my car breaking an alternator belt at the
track and finding that my toolkit was missing tools.

And of the tools that remained, they were bascially crap. For
example, the wrenches were of such inferior quality, they started
flexing after the slightest bit of pressure was applied.

During the time that I replaced my alternator belt “in the field”,
I was fortuante to be with somebody with good tools. Even then, we had
to apply significant muscle to many of the bolts. There is absolutely
no possible way that I could have completed my repairs using only the 993
toolkit. Using the included 993 toolkit to service your car could be
hazardous to your personal safety.

Here are a list of things that I believe allow you to make simple roadside
repairs. This is based on my experience of replacing the alternator belt and
changing tires. I’ll add to this list as my experience grows.

993 Recommended Toolkit

993 Recommended Toolkit

The items in the above picture are:

1. 8mm Combination Wrench

2. 10mm 6 Point Combination Wrench

3. 13mm Combination Wrench

4. 17mm Combination Wrench

Note: All the above wrenches are commonly available as a set: Craftsman 8 pc. Standard 12 pt. Full Polish Cross Force Combination Wrench Set , # 46520.

5. 24mm Combination Wrench

Used to loosen the alternator nut if you are changing your alternator/fan belts.

Note: This wrench is not usually part of a set and should be bought seperately.

6. Folding Hex Key Set. This piece is not required, but there are a lot of hex bolts and this may come in handy.

7. 6 mm 3/8″ drive bit socket

Used to remove the 3 intercooler bolts from the engine.

8. 5 mm 3/8″ drive bit socket

Used to remove the 3 bolts from the fan belt pulley.

Note: The above two items are also available as part of a set:
Craftsman 9-34448 6 Piece 3/8-Inch Drive Metric Hex Bit Socket Set.

9. Oops, jumped a number in my picture above. 🙂
10. 3″ 3/8 drive extension
11. 3/8-Inch Drive Ratchet

12. 1/2″ drive 19 MM 6 point ratchet head

Used to remove the wheel lug nuts

13. 1/2″ drive 17 MM 6 point ratchet head

Note: The picture shows a 12 point socket, but purchase the 6 point socket instead. It is stronger.

14. 1/2″ drive 6″ extension

15. 1/2″ drive flex handle

Note: The picture above is a 1/2″ drive ratchet. Either the flex handle or ratchet is fine.

16. Tow hook, part of the standard 993 toolkit
17. Unknown 8 mm tool, part of the standard 993 toolkit
18. Unknown tool with 5 mm hex on one end, part of the standard 993 toolkit
19. Universal jointed spark plug tool, part of the standard 993 toolkit
20. Right angle screwdriver tool, part of the standard 993 toolkit
21. 12 point allen head, Porsche Part #999 571 052 02. 12 point tool

Note: This tool is commonly missing from the 993 toolkits and is absolutely necessary to change the alternator belt.

If you want to find out Robin’s order with a stripped alternator shaft, look here.
22. 4 in 1 screwdriver. Get a decent one from any hardware shop.
23. Magnetic pickup tool. This is optional, but definately comes in handy.
24. A decent pair of pliers.

In addition to those tools, I would also recommend the following:

25. DME relay update used to fix intermittent starting problems. Porsche Part # 993.615.227.00

Not all relays are defective. Here is more information here

26. Extra fuses, 30 A, 25 A, and 15 A blade type fuses.

27. Alternator belt, Porsche Part # 999 192 372 50. 9.5 mm X 757 mm

Note: This is for 993 TT with the alternator pulley update applied. Normally aspirated may be different, please check your owner’s manual.

28. Fan belt, Porsche Part # 999 192 343 50. 9.5 mm X 760 mm

Note: This is for a 993 TT, normally aspirated models may be different, please check your owner’s manual.

29. AC belt, Porsche Part # 999 192 363 50. 13 mm X 1085 mm

Note: This is for a 993 TT, normally aspirated models may be different, please check your owner’s manual.

When I prepare for long drives and track days, I take all of these tools with me just in case I cannot get help in other ways. However, in everyday driving, I take a reduced set of tools, namely my AAA card. 😀

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