993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


Upgrading to one touch electric windows

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The window operation on the 993 does not allow for one touch up/down operation. The user needs to hold the switch up/down until the window is all the way up or down.

There is kit that can be purchased to upgrade the operation of the windows.


How to remove the front seats

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The front seats are held in by 6 hex bolts. Two are toward the front of the seat track and 4 are on the rear. Use a good quality hex rachet set and make sure that the hex head is seated in properly before applying torque.

Be sure that you raise the seat to the highest position to get more clearance to the bolt heads.

The bolt heads are very soft. Here is the part number for when you strip the bolts and need to order new ones: 900.119.030.02. Cost is about $2.00 per bolt. It is recommended that you only use factory parts to replace these bolts becuase of sheer strength requirements.

If you happen to strip these bolts, here are some suggestions on how to remove the bolt: Rennlist Discussion Forums: Those *&$#@ Seat Rail Hex Bolts-Advice?

Be sure to remove any electrical connectors from the bottom of the seat before trying to heave the seat out of the car. As a precaution, you may want to pull the fuse for the seat electrics, or use a plastic putty knife when trying to pry the connectors out. I used a screwdriver and shorted the seat electrics fuse inadvertently.

How to bleed the brakes

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Consensus is that a pressure bleeder is a) the best way to achieve a good bleed, b) makes the job as fast and easy as possible, and c) pays for itself the first time you do the job yourself. Motive Products’ bleeder is $45 and available online Motive Products.

You can find a DIY here: http://www.p-car.com/diy/flush.html

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