993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


CDR220 upgrade

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You can use the CDR220 from the Boxter/996 in your 993.

In order to do so, you will need to update the face plate so you can see the display. It’s polarized for the boxter/996 and you will not be able to see it in the 993.

The cost is $50. Contact the part deptartment of Becker here:

While you are at their site, you can order an AUX IN cable and also the removal tools.


Speaker sizes

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The factory front speakers (non Hi-Fi option) are 5.25 “, but the bolt circle to fix them is oddly sized. It is very large compared to a number of mainstream speaker manufacturers. But it is slightly smaller compared to common 6.5″ models. The stock grille is big enough for many 6.5″ door speakers sizes.

The Hi-Fi package front speakers consist of 5.25″ midbass/woofer, 3.5″ inch midrange and 0.75” tweeter.

The rear deck speakers are 4×6 component speakers. Mounting depth of at least 53mm is available. There have been references to fitting up to 6×9 rear deck speakers.

Retrofitting an OEM cd changer

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Robin has a DIY on the subject: How to install a CD changer

And here is another good reference: Rennlist Discussion Forums – Did Cd Multi-changer Diy!

Car Audio Innovations

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Rod Birch at Car Audio Innovations is a car audio consultant with a shop near Sacramento, CA. He is a Rennlist sponsor and contributor, and tremendous resource for questions about audio upgrades in 993s. Rod is known for enthusiastically answering any and every question that can arise about audio in the 911. Rod offers advice whether or not a person is a prospective customer…many Rennlisters have picked his brain with no purchase obligation whatsoever.

Many Porsche owners have installed a Car Audio Innovations sub enclosure that is designed to fit in the rear footwell(s) of the 993 and other 911 models. This sub enclosure is a great way to add a quality bass sound to the 993 cabin.

Radio code

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The stock radio installed in Porsches have an anti-theft device. If the radio or battery is disconnected, the radio will disable itself. When either one is reconnected, the radio will ask for the code in order to function. The display will read “CODE”, with a flashing letter “C”, and the digits 1-0 appear. Simply enter your code and then press the seek button to use your radio again. If you don’t know your code, look in your manuals to see if you still have the radio code card that came at the original purchase. If you can’t find the code, call 800-Porsche, give them the VIN #, they should be able to give you your radio code.

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