993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


Steering wheel shimmy

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You may notice the following problems:

a) steering wheel vibration at freeway speeds which only occur at certain speeds but not others
b) steering wheel vibration under braking

The first thing to check are:
a) Your tire pressures
b) Your wheel balance. You could have lost a wheel weight or your wheels were not properly balanced in the first place. Be sure you use a shop which has the Hunter GSP 9700. More information is here


How to fit a non airbag steering wheel

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This is a DYI overview for the guys that asked me to post how to change you airbag steering wheel to a racing, non airbag wheel. I have a great factory carbon fiber wheel that was too nice for the track and got a little slippery even with gloves. I decided, since the car spends most of its time on the track, to get a smaller 3-spoke wheel. I got the Momo GT3R wheel, (very similar to the Momo Mod 7 wheel) with Porsche stamped into one of the spokes and the Porsche crest horn button. I am using the Momo 7004 hub adapter. There is a DYI on www.p-car.com on how to take your wheel off so I won


Fitting a 3 spoke wheel from a 996

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The 3 spoke 996 steering wheel can be fitted to the 993 without modification. This modification takes approximately 1/2 an hour. Air bag function and horn functions are retained.

The cost of a 996 steering wheel varies from about $700-$1200, depending on color, options, and whether the air bag module is included. The existing air bag module from the 993 cannot be used on the 996 steering wheel.

Following are the part numbers and Porsche suggested list prices.

3 spoke steering wheel
996 347 804 54 – $493.54

Air bag w/colored crest
996 803 089 02 – $275.37

Air bag w/silver and black crest
996 803 089 04 – $280.59

Air bag Tepquipment
996 803 980 03 – $545.00

The air bag is considered a hazardous material and can only be shipped via ground.

Tools required are:
a) Torx T30 long screwdriver bit
b) 24mm socket

Be sure to disconnect your battery before disconnecting the existing air bag or you will trigger a fault code in the computer.


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