993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


993 3rd Brake Light fix

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Want to replace those broken bulbs in your 993 3rd brake light ? Follow this DIY

3rd brake light DIY


Turbo S intakes w/real foglights

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There are some aftermarket vendors who have packaged a Turbo S air scoop with a more powerful fog light. The standard Turbo S positioning light is only 4 watts. The fog lights in these units are around 37 watts.

Comparing these to the PIAA upgraded Turbo S lights, these fog lights probably have a wider beam spread than the PIAA lights.



Upgrading the Turbo S scoop positioning lights

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The front fog lights can be replaced with the Turbo S air scoops. These provide additional cooling for the AC condenser and oil cooler.

However, the Turbo S air scoops do not provide the same output as the existing fog lights. This is becuase the lights are considered to be “positioning” lights and not actual fog lights. The wattage of the positioning lights is only 4W. Many people have upgraded to a 10W bulb for a minor upgrade in brightness.

A more effective option is to replace the bulb with actual driving lamps. A drop in replacement for the existing positioning light is the PIAA 002X 35W Extreme White Driving Lamp. The fitment is perfect and the light is easily secured using the provided double stick tape. The PIAA lights are about $104 and are available from autosupermart.com. Installation time takes about 1 hour and the existing foglight wiring can be used.

Here are some photos of the stock and PIAA upgraded Turbo S scoops: Turbo S foglight replacment



How can I add HID lighting to my car?

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There are OEM and aftermarket options to add HID lighting to a car.

OEM HID lights cost about $1000 to add. This link describes how to retrofit OEM HID lights: DIY Litronic Headlight Retrofit into 1995 993 Carrera

Aftermarket HID lights cost $500 to add.

Here is more information about adding aftermarket HID lighting:
Aftermarket non OEM HID for 993

UPDATE: The Dept of Transportation (DOT) has banned aftermarket HID lighting systems at this time. So they are no longer being sold in the US. You maybe able to get them overseas, or you can just upgrade to the OEM versions.


What is HID lighting?

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HID stands for High Intensity Lighting (also called Litronic by Porsche)

Xenon/HID systems use different principles in the creation of light than standard halogen bulbs. HID bulbs contain a small capsule with a mixture of xenon gas and halide salts that create (in conjunction with an electric arc) a powerful light source that is generally 2 times brighter than halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs use a filament that creates light from basic ohmic resistance across a filament. While halogen bulbs runs directly from the cars 12V system, HID bulbs require an igniter and ballast system.

Standard halogen lights are normally rated at 55W and produce around 1500 lumens of light.

HID lights use only 35W but produce around 3000 lumens.

HID lights were optional on the all cars except the Turbo and Turbo S, where it was standard equipment.

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