993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


OBD-II CEL : Carbon buildup issues (long)

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Here is an excellent article by Steve Weiner at Rennsport Systems regarding carbon buildup issues. This includes valve guide wear and exhaut port problems.

Rennlist Discussion Forums – OBD-II CEL : Carbon buildup issues (long)



Oil Leaks

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One of the most common oil leaks originate from the lower valve cover gaskets. These gaskets can be replaced for approximately $20 each (10% off w/ a PCA discount). There are 2 lower gaskets and 6 upper gaskets. However, oil leaks will most likely come from the lower gaskets.

Here are instructions on how to replace the lower gaskets.

There are about a dozen Allen head screws holding the two valve covers on. A couple of them are hard to get to but with patience you can do it. Some have said that the heat exchanger must be removed to take the covers off, but others have done it without taking them out. Once they are all out pull off the valve cover and you’ll see the gasket in a groove the goes around the perimeter of the head and between each of the cylinders – it’s one piece.

Take out the old and install the new – replace cover and tighten each Allen screw ONLY until you feel it start snug up. Get them all to this point and then turn each one 1/4 turn more.

Most times the problem with leaky valve covers is over tightening. When you look at the gasket you’ll see that the seal is made by two ridges that run all the way around the gasket. If they get over compressed – it leaks! So you want to tighten it snugly but don’t torque the daylights out of it.

DIY details courtesy of Ben Hartsell


How can I find out if there are any recalls on my car?

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Or you can call Porsche customer service at 800-PORSCHE, and, based on the VIN, they can tell you the option codes, delivery color, and if there are any outstanding recalls.


Defective Wiring Harness

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1995 and early 1996 model may suffer from defective wiring harnesses. This affects both NA and Turbo models.

PCNA has issued a recall for the situation.

You can get information about the nature of the recall and what to do about it here: E.J’s Wiring Harness TSB page

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