993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


Where can I get new carpet OEM mats?

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Call Gabe at Strasse-USA at 800-944-9911 in California.

Gabe sells the Lloyd mats. Lloyd was the original supplier of the OEM floor mats for our 993’s.

Gabe has a sheet that he can fax you that has all the “legal” logos they can put on a floor mat. If I remember correctly, your logo should be available.

The quality of the Strasse (Lloyd) mat will be the same as the original that was in your car when new. New one from the dealer are junk (not Lloyds).

Hope this helps.

Mike Cap
1997 C2
Arena Red



993 sport seat colors

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993 sport seat standard interior colors were:

– SC: Midnight blue
– SB: Classic grey
– SA: Black
– SG: Cashmere beige
– SD: Chestnut brown



How can I add heated seats?

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It is possible to retrofit heated seats into a 993.

A compay that sells kits is Rostra.com. They sell a seat heater retro fit kits that will work for any car, and they are toasty by the time you leave the driveway.

You could probably retro fit to use the factory heated seat switch and it would look stock.

150 per side. very good quality.



What are the interior color codes?

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The interior color codes can be found on the sticker under the hood at the front of the car.

BG Chestnut Brown
BM Chestnut Brown
BX Chestnut Brown
DF Classic Grey
EB Black
FE Midnight Blue
FJ Midnight Blue
FK Midnight Blue
FS Cashmere Beige/Black
JB Nephrite Green
KH Chestnut Brown
LC Cashmere Beige/Black
LG Cashmere Beige/Black
LT Black
MB Boxster Red
MX Classic Grey
PT Florentine Grey
SA Black
SB Classic Grey
SC Midnight Blue
SD Chestnut Brown
SG Cashmere Beige/Black
TF Classic Grey
TT Classic Grey
US Midnight Blue
VD Black full leather
VN Black partial leather
YA Cashmere Beige/Black



Can I install GT3 seats in my 993?

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GT3 seats can be sucessfully installed in the 993, with the appropriate rails. These seats are much lighter than stock seats, weighing approx 6.5 Kg. The stock seats are around 30 Kg. The seats are available in both leather and cloth.

Click here for a picture of the GT3 seats.

Installing the GT3 seats also has the benefit of lowering the seating position from 1″ to 1.5″.

These seats can be ordered online from Carnewal.com.



Upgrading to one touch electric windows

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The window operation on the 993 does not allow for one touch up/down operation. The user needs to hold the switch up/down until the window is all the way up or down.

There is kit that can be purchased to upgrade the operation of the windows.


Floor mats

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The 993 is supplied with four seperate carpet pieces fitted in the front and rear footwells. In addition overmats may be fitted and secured using special clips fitted to the seat rails.


How to remove the front seats

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The front seats are held in by 6 hex bolts. Two are toward the front of the seat track and 4 are on the rear. Use a good quality hex rachet set and make sure that the hex head is seated in properly before applying torque.

Be sure that you raise the seat to the highest position to get more clearance to the bolt heads.

The bolt heads are very soft. Here is the part number for when you strip the bolts and need to order new ones: 900.119.030.02. Cost is about $2.00 per bolt. It is recommended that you only use factory parts to replace these bolts becuase of sheer strength requirements.

If you happen to strip these bolts, here are some suggestions on how to remove the bolt: Rennlist Discussion Forums: Those *&$#@ Seat Rail Hex Bolts-Advice?

Be sure to remove any electrical connectors from the bottom of the seat before trying to heave the seat out of the car. As a precaution, you may want to pull the fuse for the seat electrics, or use a plastic putty knife when trying to pry the connectors out. I used a screwdriver and shorted the seat electrics fuse inadvertently.

Changing gauge faces

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The bezels are removed by prying the back lip with a small screwdriver (It is a good idea to replace the bezels while you are at it), once removed, you will need to pull the indicator needle off, and remove the two screws that hold the face on. Installation of new faces is reverse.
All in all, it is not that difficult, but will require some patience. Be very careful when removing the needles, and if your lenses are scratched, glass replacement ones are not that expensive. Be careful with the small screws on the face and touch up with black paint if you scratch them.

Other users have found it more difficult:

I really had no idea this would be such an involved process and am now thinking twice about completing this project.


How to care for leather

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It appears sensible to regularly clean and condition leather products. Professionals use a very mild cleanser that is immediately followed up with an conditioning product that replenishes the hides natural oils, to keep the leather moisturized and supple.

Rennlist users have favourably reported on the following products, Lexol, Leatherique and Eagle One Leather Conditioner.

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