993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


Why is the ignition key to the left of the steering wheel?

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The ignition switch on the left side of the steering wheel ( right side for RHD cars ) is left over from Porsche racing heritage.

These old races started with the drivers sprinting to their cars, starting the car, and then driving away.

Porsche put the ignition on the left side to make it faster for the driver, allowing the driver to start the car and shift into gear at the same time.


What is the origin of the Porsche crest?

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by Terry Lovett, Porsche Club of Canberra, Australia


THE CREST: In 1951 Porsche was finalizing plans for its move from the war time sanctuary of Gmund back to Stuttgart. Importers and agents selling his product made it clear that customers wanted some sort of trademark or badge to identify their vehicles, which till then, only carried the word “Porsche” on the body work. In 1952, Professor Porsche had devised the basic design of the crest. Folklore has it that he sketched it on a serviette during a luncheon. Whether true or not, it was Messrs. Lepper and Riemspiess of the publicity and design studios who carefully finalized the design.

There are three components: the family name, of course, is positioned at the top, while the other two components reflect Porsche


How to prepare for winter storage

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Here are some tips to perpare your car for winter ( or extended ) storage:

Porsche Club of America, Russell’s Winter Storage Tips


How can I find out if there are any recalls on my car?

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Or you can call Porsche customer service at 800-PORSCHE, and, based on the VIN, they can tell you the option codes, delivery color, and if there are any outstanding recalls.

What is the PET cd?

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The PET CD the electronic parts catalog that the dealers use to look up part numbers. This CD is very useful for getting part numbers and seeing how things fit together. Click here for an screen shot.

This CD was never sold to the public and all copies are pirated copies ( unless you are a dealer ). They appear on eBay often.

Workshop manuals

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The workshop manuals contain useful information such as service internvals, service prodedures, alignment specs, and general Porsche procedures. A must have for the DIY’er.

You can purchase a new 8 volumn set from MY-Porsche.com, item #WKD-483-121, cost $287.25.

There is an additional 2 volumne set specifically for Turbo cars. These 2 volumes supplement the above 8 volume set. The item number is WKD-483-2214, cost $130.57.

All other versions, including the PDF versions floating around on eBay, are pirated versions. I would recommend buying the paper versions. There are wiring diagrams that were not scanned correctly in the PDF version.


What do my VIN numbers mean?

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Here’s a link to how to decode the VIN number


How can I get a copy of my original window sticker?

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You can order the original window sticker of your 993 from PCNA. This document includes the factory specifications, production completion date (Birth Date) and manufactuer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). It costs $95 plus an additional $10 for lamination.

Certificate of Authenticy Program Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader Required.

How can I decode my option codes?

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You can look up the option codes for your car at Kindel’s site.


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