993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


Fuel pressure regulator

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On TT cars, the fuel pressure regulator should be upgraded if your engine produces over 430 horsepower to keep up with the increased HP and boost levels.

Options include adjustable regulators and the Porsche Motorsports 5 bar regulator. It is NOT recommended to modify the existing fuel pressure regulator.

The Porsche Motorsports 5 bar fuel pressure regulator can be ordered from Schatz Motorsport


Fuel filter

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Porsche recommends that the fuel filter is changed at the 60K service. However, many people change their fuel filter as part of the 30K service.

There is a DIY on how to change the fuel filter:
How to replace the fuel filter.

There are 2 fuel filters, one by the front tank and one in the engine compartment. The front one is near the gas tank, which is pretty impossible to change.

One more note when changing fuel filters, since you are working with gasoline, be sure you have adequate ventilation at all times!

The parts numbers are:
928 201 081 04 Fuel Filter (front)
928 110 253 00 Fuel filter (rear)


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