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This is addressed towards those of you who have silver-painted alloy wheels, as used on the 924/944/928 and on many of the 964/993 series Porsches. It is NOT for those of you with the Fuchs forged alloy wheels, chrome plated wheels, or polished or satin aluminum (either clear coated or not).

I am sure that at one time or other you have suffered a scratch in the silver painted surface. Maybe the tire installer wasn’t too careful, or you scratched them taking them on or off your wheel carrier transporting them to and from the track, or you scraped a curb at one time. In any case, you might try this method for touching up the scratched area.

Sand the damaged area first with 80 or 100 grit sandpaper. Sand ONLY the area damaged; do not even lightly touch the outlying undamaged area or you will expand the area you have to touch up. Sand until you have an even contour. Then progress to finer and finer grits; first 220 or 320 grit and finally finishing with 500 grit. These painted wheels are generally cast aluminum, and so should sand very easily.

An excellent paint match is one of the following:
Plasti-Kote no. 3230
Dupli-Color no. 77-01579

Both of these are the little brush-on touch up vials. The color is actually a Toyota very fine silver used from about ’89 to ’94 (the Dupli-Color vial I got calls it Toyota Platinum Silver). You can now touch up the sanded area with the paint. You should get a very close match to the factory original paint, and from several feet away the damage should just about disappear. I used this with success on both the OE and the aftermarket (track) wheels on my 993.

(Note: my thanks to Bob Petruska on the Audi A4 list for this helpful hint)


What are the exterior paint codes?

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The paint code can be found on the sticker under the hood at the front of the car.

L12G Speed Yellow
L12L Pastel Yellow
L12M Pastel Yellow
L22D Slate Gray Metallic
L22E Forest Green Metallic
L23F Slate Metallic
L25C Turquoise Green Metallic
L25D Blue Turquoise Metallic
L37W Midnight Blue Pearl
L38W Lavender Blue
L39C Night Blue Metallic
L39D Amaranth Violet
L39E Riviera Blue
L39N Iris Blue Pearl
L39R Aventurine Green Pearl
L39V Iris Blue Pearl
L3AR Blue Turquoise
L3AR Blue Turquoise
L3AS Blue Turquoise
L3AT Glacier White
L3AU Glacier White
L3AW Zenith Blue Metallic
L3AX Zenith Blue Metallic
L3AY Ocean Blue Metallic
L3AZ Ocean Blue Metallic
L738 Black Metallic
L741 Black
L747 Black
L80K Guards Red
L80K Guards Red
L84R Arena Red Metallic
L84S Arena Red Metallic
L908 Grand Prix White
L92M Polar Silver Metallic
L92T Arctic Silver Metallic
L92U Arctic Silver Metallic
LM3A Guards Red



Upgrading the Turbo S scoop positioning lights

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The front fog lights can be replaced with the Turbo S air scoops. These provide additional cooling for the AC condenser and oil cooler.

However, the Turbo S air scoops do not provide the same output as the existing fog lights. This is becuase the lights are considered to be “positioning” lights and not actual fog lights. The wattage of the positioning lights is only 4W. Many people have upgraded to a 10W bulb for a minor upgrade in brightness.

A more effective option is to replace the bulb with actual driving lamps. A drop in replacement for the existing positioning light is the PIAA 002X 35W Extreme White Driving Lamp. The fitment is perfect and the light is easily secured using the provided double stick tape. The PIAA lights are about $104 and are available from autosupermart.com. Installation time takes about 1 hour and the existing foglight wiring can be used.

Here are some photos of the stock and PIAA upgraded Turbo S scoops: Turbo S foglight replacment



How can I plug my front license plate mounting holes?

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Many 993 owners have chosen to run without a front license plate. As a consequence, the front license plate holes are exposed.

There are 3 options:
a) Buy pre-made color matched plugs from BumperPlugs.com. Cost is about $30.

b) Buy generic black plugs from any auto parts store and touch up body paint from the dealer. Cost is about $10.

c) If you are planning to repaint your bumper or get any body work done on the bumper, the holes can be filled and repainted during that time. Be warned that any fillers used will expand/contract at different rates from the bumper, so you may see some wavyness depending on the temperature of the day.




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??? Euro bumpers

Installing a trailer hitch

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There are several options for attaching a trailer hitch to your 993.

a) Evolution Motorsports has one specifically designed for the 993.
b) Go to www.hitch-web.com and lookup a hitch for your car. A company calle Daalen makes one. This is the one I have.
c) Have a race/machine shop custom fabricate a hitch for you.

If you get the one from Daleen, it might scratch up the rear bumper. A solution is to glue a thin sheet of urathane behind the hitch so the metal does touch the bumper. An alternative would be to add some thick spacers to move the hitch away from the body.

As far as the trailer, you can buy one from Northen Tool

For more information on hooking up the trailer lights, refer to these links: E.J.’s Trailer Wiring and
Rennlist Discussion Forums: Chris in Detroit – Trailer Lights Question…


Door strap

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Explain issue, costs, and good will fix

Rust around front/rear windshield

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Explain the TSB on this and the goodwill dealer fix

Windshield squeak

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Many 993 owners complain about “squeeking” from the front and rear windshields. There are a couple of suggested fixes.

The first is to follow the instructions offered by Porsche to cure “Noises at the Windshield and Rear Window” in 996 models. A Technical Information Bulletin was released in April 1999 (number 6420 6) to cover 1999 model 996’s, but the instructions can also be applied to 993’s. The fix involves inserting a foam rubber cord (part 996 541 903 00) in the gap between the body of the car and the rubber trim. A rubber spatula is effective in enlarging the gap so the cord can be inserted. In some sections of the windshield, two layers of cord can be inserted. You will find that some sections of the rubber trim are easy to work with, while other sections (particularly in the rear window) are more difficult. When the cord is inserted, the cord should be soaked with 3M Silicone Lubricant spray (wet type). Note that the TIB suggests using water as a lubricant, but most have not followed this instruction.

The foam cord, silicone spray and instructions can be obtained from Schatz Mortorsports in Camarillo, CA. Phone is 805-482-7278.

Many 993 owners have successfully cured the squeek be spraying “Pedro’s Ice Wax” (a bike chain dry lubricant) in the gap between the window seal and the body. Pedro’s can be obtained at many bicycle shops. Make sure you get the bottle that contains a thin straw (similar to WD-40 bottle)….that will make application easier. Pedro’s can be a little messy to work with, but overspray easily wipes off. Note that Bruce Anderson of Excellence magazine recommends the Pedro’s treatment.

The use of a strut tower brace has afforded some 993 owners relief from the squeeks, but for most this has not appeared to be a permanent solution.

3rd brake light

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All coupes had the “basket handle” 3rd light which somewhere in late 1995’s was relocated to the roof over the rear glass.

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