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RS pulley update

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In the 993 RS cars, there was only 1 pulley which drives the alternator and fan. In normal 993 cars, there are seperate pulleys.

If you are changing your belts, I would strongly recommend upgrading to the single pulley instead. Instead of spending $60 for the updated pulley halves, you could spend $100 and get the RS pulley instead.

Easier to replace the fan belt if it should break. Can _actually_ be done roadside because it uses ordinary metric bolts instead of impossibly small 5 mm allen head bolts.

Usually, when the alternator belt breaks, it takes out the other 2 belts ( fan/AC ) With 1 less belt, this possibility is reduced.

Cleans up the engine bay

Spins the alternator _slightly_ slower. So there is a therotical decrease in charging time. However, of the many people on the board who have done this, none have had any charging issues.

Here’s a link to an alterantor DIY that we did where we also upgraded to the RS pulley.

RS pulley DIY

Note the dremel’ing that we had to do to get the existing setup off. If you look at the final pic, you’ll see that there are just standard hex head bolts which hold the fan belt pulley in place instead of those $%#^Q&* 5 MM allen bolts.

You can just imaging how impossilbe that would be if you had to do that roadside in the night.

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  1. A good source for the RS pulley is MODE : Motorsport Design of Scottsdale, Arizona. SSF Autoparts and other distributors also resale these. If you want to deal directly with the manufacturing company, this is the source!


    Comment by Brian Day — 10/20/2009 @ 12:50 pm

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