993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


Motorsound airbox mod

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You can quickly and easily modify your airbox cover to increase induction noise.

See this DIY: http://www.pcarracing.homestead.com/airbox.html

What are N-rated tires?

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Porsche works with tire manufacturers to test and develop tires which are suitable for the increased performance capabilities of Porsches. These are typically indicated by an “N” code of N0, N1, N2, N3, etc. The numerics are revision numbers, and by themselves are not meaningful, i.e., an N2 revision isn’t neccessarily better than an N1 revision. What is important is that Porsche recommends that all 4 tires be the same brand and the same “N” number, for the most consistent handling.

Veloce GT1

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The Veloce GT1 Monobloc race wheels are exceptionally light at 31kg/68 lbs for the entire set! That’s around 7.5kg/17lbs per wheel.

They are manufactured by roll forging, the blank forged rim then has the rim FLOW FORMED for strength and then the spokes are machined into the blank wheel, it is then clear anodised for protection.

This method of manufacturing provides a very light super strong and durable wheel, which has a TUV test of 820 kilos.

The wheel accepts OE Porsche centre caps and is available in sizes
8.5×18 et 50
10×18 et 56

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