993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


H&R Coilover systems

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There are two coilover systems which we will cover here.

1. The Normal H&R coilover:
Spring rates: 295 front, 360 rear
This system will transform your 993 to a fine handling machine that it deserves to be. I have personally used this system on my cabrio and I have tracked it regurarly. The system paired with either RS or M030 sways can lower the car to RS specs and be aligned, corner balanced properly to tailor your needs.


Suspension Upgrades

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This issue I think is probably the most popular upgrade and the best money that one can spend on a 993.
There are two facts when it comes to the stock 993 suspension.

1. The shocks are not of good quality and they wear very quickly. What this does is that when you drive at anything over 7/10’s you feel the suspension not controlling the car very well. Especially the back end where the most weight lies.
There have been many descriptions of the feelings that one get. Double sets, wiggling, loading and unloading of the suspension, wobbling, all are common descriptions describing unsettling feelings that get communicated by the suspension to the driver. So while the fan factor is certainly low the car does not inspire any confidence to be pushed.

2. The stock suspension is inadequate for the track and while one can track the car in stock form, at the end of the day they will move to a coilover system which is a quantum leap in performance. Also the US ride height which was mandated by the government, is visually bad and has been described as 4×4, track height etc. The stock shocks do not provide height adjustments so there is not much you can do.

On separate chapters we will analyze each suspension coilover system available separately and you can be the judge according to your budget and driving preferences. You will see that we will stick with coilover systems ONLY because we do not believe that adding just springs to the stock socks will have any profound impact in handling besides a visual improvement. The common opinion is that just springs are not matching the socks therefore they may create worse handling accompanied with a rough ride.

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