993 Faq Frequently Asked Questions about the Porsche 1994-1997 993


Turbo S intakes w/real foglights

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There are some aftermarket vendors who have packaged a Turbo S air scoop with a more powerful fog light. The standard Turbo S positioning light is only 4 watts. The fog lights in these units are around 37 watts.

Comparing these to the PIAA upgraded Turbo S lights, these fog lights probably have a wider beam spread than the PIAA lights.



Defective A/C ballast resitor

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Both the oil cooler and A/C condensor use the same resistor that has been found defective in recent TSB. A symptom of a defective A/C resistor would be speed fan that would cycle on and off at 15 to 20 second increments when you have the A/C turned on.

To check for the proper operation of both the oil cooler and A/C resistors, refer to this page: 964/993 Oil Cooler Fan Operation & Troubleshooting

Here is more information on changing the resistor: Subject: AC Ballast Resistor Replacement

The replacement resistor can be ordered from the usual online sources.


How much HP does the A/C system use?

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Based on dyno tests, a 10-12 HP loss when the compressor clutch is engaged is noticed. Belt tension accounts for some variations here.

The ECU doesn’t change timing or fueling when the compressor is running, only hot idle speed.



Suncoast Porsche

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Suncoast Porsche is a dealership and online parts supplier. Prices are competitive with other online sources. They are a rennlist sponsor.


Pelican Parts

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Pelican parts is an online supplier of Porsche and BMW parts. They offer parts for many older model Porsches as well. Prices are competitive with other online sources. There are also technical and DIY instructions on their site.


How to bed in brake pads

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After completing instillation make a series of 10 stops from 60 to 5-10mph. At the end of each stop, immediately accelerate to 60 again for the next stop. Run all stops in one cycle.
During the 60-5-10mph series of stops, the exact speed is not critical. Accelerate to approx. 60 and begin the braking cycle. As you approach 5-10mph, it is not necessary to watch the speedomoter, keep your eyes on the road and approximate your speed at the end of each cycle. DO NOT COME TO A COMPLETE STOP, AS YOU WILL IMPRINT PAD MATERIAL ONTO THE ROTOR, CAUSING A VIBRATION.

There are several indicators to look for whil breaking in the system.

On the 8th to 9th stop, there should be a distinct smell from the brakes. Smoke may be evident after several stops as well.

Also on the 8th or 9th stop, some friction materials will experience “green fade”. This is slight fading of the brakes which will stabilize, but not completely go away.

If racing or higher performance pads are being used, add four stops from 80 to 5-10mph and if a full race pad, four stops from 100 to 5-10 mph.

After the final stop, drive as much as possibe without using the brakes to cool the system. Ideally, the brakes should be allowed to cool to ambient temperature before using again.


after the first break in cycle shown above, the brakes will still not be operating at their best capacity. A second or third heat cycle is typically necessary before the brakes really start to “come in”



What are the interior color codes?

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The interior color codes can be found on the sticker under the hood at the front of the car.

BG Chestnut Brown
BM Chestnut Brown
BX Chestnut Brown
DF Classic Grey
EB Black
FE Midnight Blue
FJ Midnight Blue
FK Midnight Blue
FS Cashmere Beige/Black
JB Nephrite Green
KH Chestnut Brown
LC Cashmere Beige/Black
LG Cashmere Beige/Black
LT Black
MB Boxster Red
MX Classic Grey
PT Florentine Grey
SA Black
SB Classic Grey
SC Midnight Blue
SD Chestnut Brown
SG Cashmere Beige/Black
TF Classic Grey
TT Classic Grey
US Midnight Blue
VD Black full leather
VN Black partial leather
YA Cashmere Beige/Black


What are the exterior paint codes?

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The paint code can be found on the sticker under the hood at the front of the car.

L12G Speed Yellow
L12L Pastel Yellow
L12M Pastel Yellow
L22D Slate Gray Metallic
L22E Forest Green Metallic
L23F Slate Metallic
L25C Turquoise Green Metallic
L25D Blue Turquoise Metallic
L37W Midnight Blue Pearl
L38W Lavender Blue
L39C Night Blue Metallic
L39D Amaranth Violet
L39E Riviera Blue
L39N Iris Blue Pearl
L39R Aventurine Green Pearl
L39V Iris Blue Pearl
L3AR Blue Turquoise
L3AR Blue Turquoise
L3AS Blue Turquoise
L3AT Glacier White
L3AU Glacier White
L3AW Zenith Blue Metallic
L3AX Zenith Blue Metallic
L3AY Ocean Blue Metallic
L3AZ Ocean Blue Metallic
L738 Black Metallic
L741 Black
L747 Black
L80K Guards Red
L80K Guards Red
L84R Arena Red Metallic
L84S Arena Red Metallic
L908 Grand Prix White
L92M Polar Silver Metallic
L92T Arctic Silver Metallic
L92U Arctic Silver Metallic
LM3A Guards Red



Upgrading the Turbo S scoop positioning lights

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The front fog lights can be replaced with the Turbo S air scoops. These provide additional cooling for the AC condenser and oil cooler.

However, the Turbo S air scoops do not provide the same output as the existing fog lights. This is becuase the lights are considered to be “positioning” lights and not actual fog lights. The wattage of the positioning lights is only 4W. Many people have upgraded to a 10W bulb for a minor upgrade in brightness.

A more effective option is to replace the bulb with actual driving lamps. A drop in replacement for the existing positioning light is the PIAA 002X 35W Extreme White Driving Lamp. The fitment is perfect and the light is easily secured using the provided double stick tape. The PIAA lights are about $104 and are available from autosupermart.com. Installation time takes about 1 hour and the existing foglight wiring can be used.

Here are some photos of the stock and PIAA upgraded Turbo S scoops: Turbo S foglight replacment


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